Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jesse Takes the Long Way Home

Last week, Jesse Zweig began a planned run to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. The 18 year old from Lake Forest hoped to double his impressive 100 mile run of last May where he raised over $6000 for the hospital.
Photo OC Register
He began last Thursday, planning to run through several cities in Orange County along the same course he covered in May in under 24 hours. This time he would take two laps in an effort to raise $20, 000 for CHOC. You can read the OC Register article here.
I can’t help but be in awe of these kinds of goals. When I was a high school cross country runner I thought 8 miles was a really long run. It’s only as I’ve matured that distance seems a more intriguing goal. Apparently Jesse was inspired by Dean Karnazes, and that isn’t surprising. Many of Dean’s long solo runs have also included a goal of raising money for charity. I couldn’t confirm it, but one website did say that Dean joined Jesse for part of his 200 mile attempt.
Although Jesse was forced to quit after 124 miles, I would say his event was a huge success. Jesse did a lot of things right, and he still managed to raise quite a bit of money for CHOC. (The numbers are unconfirmed, but it seems certain that he raised at least $10,000) I applaud him for being smart enough to have a good support crew, and to give that crew the power to make the decision as to whether he should continue to run or not. As it turned out, they decided he should not continue due to sore blistered feet and low temperatures. You can read another article about his finish here.
Great job Jesse! I for one can't wait to hear about your next fundraising adventure.


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  2. Hey, nice to see you back to blog world since like AR50 last year? How did Death valley go for you? You have wondeful options this year, I am looking forward your reports and stories!