Monday, March 31, 2008

A Smattering of Multimedia

Podcast Interview:

Based on many of my links and comments in this blog, most of you probably realize that I am a big fan of Scott Dunlap's blog, A Trail Runner's Blog. In fact, most of you are probably fans yourself. Mark recently remarked that "we can't get enough of this guy," and although my response on Mark's blog was a bit cheeky, he is ultimately correct. Scott's blog is popular for a reason! Today Endurance Planet posted a podcast interview (here) with the ultra blogger, providing some good insight into how Scott became a runner and blogger.

T&F Video:

After some hints from Lisa about how to actually get the youtube video into my blog (I'm an idiot, I know!) I've posted this video about CMS Track 2007 just to practice my new skills. This probably won't be very interesting to you unless you are a current T&F athlete or an alumni of the Claremont Colleges. (I ran track for CMS from '92 to '95.) The video quality isn't amazing, but the editing is quite good, and I think the music works really well. My favorite part comes after the credits when you can merely glimpse some of the antics of Coach Goldhammer himself!

Finally, here's how I spent my spring break, which explains why I missed my long run that weekend. Oops. It was worth it though!

It's the view from the stage of a Hot Buttered Rum Show. That's me on the far left: red hair, brown shirt.


  1. You are too kind with your comments! Glad you liked the podcast.

    I am STOKED to see you are in for the TRT100! It's a tough course, but it plays to your strengths. I'll see ya at Diablo...


  2. I will watch the video when I get home....but I am getting happy little nostalgia just seeing that the Blue Track is in there

  3. Hey, welcome back from hibernation. Hope the winter treated you well. Congrats on making the committment to do 100 miles this year. You're a stud and you'll do great. See you at TRT if not before.

  4. Gretchen, are you one of those people that has a signature pose in pictures?

    Way to go on figuring the multimedia thing out. You're right, the editing was really cool. I'll have to check out Scott's blog since I'm going to do my first ultra (a mini one) this year!

    Two posts in 2 days, to what do I owe this pleasure?! Does this mean you're back in business, bigger and better in 2008? Ooh, I can't wait!

  5. Hey Gretchen, I just tagged you for a little game if you want to play. Check out my blog for info.