Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Local Runner Lost (and Found!) While Training for Western States

Sunday morning Daniel Rose, a runner from Orangevale (near Sacramento) set out on a 22 mile training run on the Western States trail. After taking a wrong turn and losing his way, he spent 25 hours, and approximately 50 miles, out on the trails. Initial reports stated that he was training for the Western States Endurance run, but todays artical in the Sac Bee indicated that he was training to pace another runner. Either way, he spent a chilly night in the Sierra foothills in a t-shirt and running shorts! Fortunately he emerged relatively unscathed, but it's a good reminder for those of us known to take a wrong turn here and there.

You can read the complete story here.

This is Monday's news segment from KCRA:


  1. Lucky guy! It's not too hard to get lost in that section, especially without trail markers.

    I'm guessing he will be back out running trails again even though he said otherwise.

    BTW - I posted my 6 word memoir

    Cheers! Trail Scat

  2. I think the final statement on my post is to encourage rebels with a nobel cause. I'm not talking about going out and pop'n a few caps into some car, building, or person. That would be bad.

  3. The live coverage of that guy being plucked off the bridge by the helicopter was incredible. Those pilots are amazing.

    Great job at Diablo. Looks like your training has been going well. I bet it was nice running in shorts and t-shirt!

  4. I sure hope that he changes his mind and rejoins the trails again soon. One lucky guy!!

    Looks like you have a strong year of events planned.


  5. That is totally what would happen to me!

  6. oops!

    I am sure he'll be back assuming his wife will let him!