Sunday, November 22, 2009

Goodbye, Blue Tank-Top

It's a sad, sad day, friends. My blue, Nike tank-top is nowhere to be found. *sigh*

If you've ever seen me at a race, or even if you've ever read one of my race reports, you know exactly the blue tank-top of which I speak. More of a mainstay than the pigtails, this was an essential part of my...what is it that those elite athletes call their racing get-up? Their "kit"? Yeah, that's it. Along with my black, Patagonia Sage Burner Shorts, it was an essential part of my kit.

I have worn this top at every race of any significance for the past two years.

Here we are together at the top of Mt. Diablo:

And here we are at the halfway point of this year's TRT 50, shortly after a serious dirt-dive blessed it with a semi-permanent swath of dirt down the side:

I suffered through my one and only 100 mile race to date in this top for more than 28 hours.

You can even see me modeling it here, as the poster girl for the the Lake of the Sky Trail Runs.

I tried to dig it out for Helen Klein after a few weeks of colder weather kept it out of the usual wardrobe rotation. I looked again while packing for my trip to Zion. I'm finally facing the fact that it's left me for good.

This top was so comfortable, not unflattering, breathable, and best of all it never chaffed anywhere! Even though it's currently the season for tights and gloves rather than tank-tops, I'm having a hard time moving on from this relationship. We were just so right for each other.

But now, in case you were wondering, you know what you can get me for Christmas.

Anyone else have any favorite, well-loved running essentials about which they would care to wax nostalgic?


  1. Ah Gretchen! I also have fav running gear! Mostly they are the socks that don't give me blisters (Balega!). However, I don't think you could look unflattering in any gear you choose to run in- you're hot stuff! ;)

  2. I thought you were a super-fast jogbra runner now, anyway? But I know what you mean...

  3. If you have been racing in the same blue tank top for 2 years, maybe it was able to leave all by itself?

  4. Maybe we "reorganized" it into a hidden spot back underneath something?

  5. Amber - Thanks ;) But as much as running attire is about comfort, it's especially nice (and somewhat rare)when you have something that is comfortable and looks good!

    Turi - See, that's just it. I can't take the pressure of the sportsbra-look in every race!

    Jamie - Yeah, I know, right? But still...

    Mom - That was my first thought as well, but I should have found it by now. Plus, everything is so...organized! now. It should be in the drawer labeled "tank tops," or else "running tops," but nope.