Sunday, January 03, 2010

TRT Endurance Runs Open for Registration

A few quick notes for those of you considering the Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs on your calendar:

Registration for the event, which includes distances of 50K, 50M, and 100M, opened on January 1st. The event has a registration limit of 400 total participants, regardless of distance. According to race director Dave Cotter, there were already 150 entrants registered as of noon on January 2nd. At that rate...well, they could fill by tomorrow. The rate of entries will likely taper off, but who knows. Dave estimated race entries may fill by the end of the month, but I'd bet sooner.

So this is my shout out to everyone who has mentioned to me that they are thinking about this race. Sign up now!

Also of interest is the fact that the course will be slightly re-routed this year due to permit problems for the Mt. Rose aid station. I find this to be a little disappointing simply because I love this race so much. I have trouble with change sometimes. But, perhaps the new section will prove to be even better.

It's not a certainty yet, but they're hoping to use the Diamond Peak Lodge as an aid station instead. This would likely mean losing the 8 miles or so between the current Diamond Peak aid station and Mt. Rose, and substituting a re-route that would certainly add to the overall elevation gain and loss. So, while I'm certain that the new section of the course will be well chosen, it will also add to the challenge of the event.

In any case, head to the event website here for more information, or directly to registration here. If you're wondering how I'm so well informed, well, like many modern miracles, I have only Facebook to thank. You can join their FB group here.

As for me? Well, I think, for several logistical reasons, that I've decided I'm going to publish this blog post, and then go sign up for the 100 mile distance at TRT.

See you on the trail!


  1. Oh goodness ... I'm twitching and rocking in front of my computer screen like Rain Man right now. I sent you a whole separate e-mail.

    Great to hear that you entered - I hope to see you there!

  2. thanks for the heads-up! Although TRT 100 is on my faaaaar distant radar. But it will be mine.

    Oh, yes.

  3. Holy Crap! You're doing the 100 again, eh? Most inspiring blog entry ever, BTW. :)

  4. So tempting but I've other fish to fry and now my 2011 is potentially full many races such little time!

  5. Ooo a harder TRT! Nice. I like this race and I hope, like you, that the reroute just makes the race even better. Perhaps the Diamond Peak AS will be more lively than Mt. Rose's! I actually didn't like that section as much, especially on the first loop in 08 when they didn't set up the water in time. Going back ey, good for you.

  6. Yeah, good for you - back to the 100. I'm going to do the 50K this year...

  7. Got my registration in at 6am on the first. Wasn't taking any chances. So you're upgrading to 100 and I'm downgrading to 50K. Should be a blast. Just love this race. Can't wait to cheer you on.

  8. My thing is I'd like to run TRT - if I don't get into HR, but I won't know it till Feb 6, and by then it might be too late to register...what a girl to do these days with all this filling up in minutes and lotteries? BTW, CC100 is first come first serve still this year, so you may send your app on Feb 13 (no earlier, no later). I plan to - if the lottery for Wasatch proves me a least here is no overlap in decision:) Hope to see you around this year!