Monday, March 15, 2010

Cool Pictures

It was a trail runner's weekend, and it was just what I'd been craving.

On Saturday, Diana and I got up way too early for a non-race day and headed down the the hill through the freshly fallen snow for a long run on dirt. We managed to get in a relatively mud-free 21 miles in Auburn, enjoying the empty trails, the serenity of the lifting fog and the beautiful north fork of the American River.

Diana navigates the foggy oaks.

A vulture spreads its wings.

Foresthill bridge

At 11:00 we headed over to volunteer and cheer at the Way To Cool 50K. Here are some photos from the Highway 49 aid station.

Max King

Geoff Roes, still in third even after a rumored wrong turn

Victor Ballesteros

Rod Bien

Joelle Vaught

Joe Palubeski, who totally looks like he's giving the volunteers the business, doesn't he? Hee hee.

Bev Anderson-Abbs gets some quick aid.

Mark Tanaka

Darcy Africa

Jenny Capel. She had a woman right on her heels who totally had a target on Jenny's back, but of course she held her off. Jenny's a bad ass!

Mark Gilligan

Rick Gaston flashes the volunteers that charming smile.

Sunday, Betsy and I headed over to the hills east of Reno to explore some new trails. On this day, we had a much needed late start. We had no idea where we were going, and just spent the afternoon navigating new terrain, laughing, sharing life stories, and enjoying the sunshine.

These are the things that will get me through to next weekend.


  1. Awesome pictures - I was wondering what that bridge was named. Thanks for volunteering at Cool - it was such an awesome day and a beautiful course! Liked your recap of The Great Race, too! Made me glad I reconsidered my decision to enter. Downhill very, very, very bad.

  2. I was jealous of the weather and the course until I saw the pic of Joelle; now I'm envious of those calves!

  3. you got some GREAT pictures, especially of the front runners

  4. Samantha - Thanks. Were you out there? Racing? If so, congrats!
    You should consider the Great Ski Race some year though. Just go easy on the downhills like me, and it's all kind of comical!

    Steve - Seriously, what is up with her claves? She's ripped! I'll join you in jealousy.

    Dave - Thanks. After those guys blew through, I had to put the camera down and actually work the aid station. So, I missed photos of a lot of friends, but that's cool.

  5. Excellent pics! I can't believe some of the runners in this race. Man-o-man, TALENT!

  6. Oh look there I am. Some of my friends don't think I smile at races. Hey you guys were phenomenal at HWY 49. Coming through there for the last time I was blown away by all the clapping and cheering. It was such a great day for a race and the trail conditions were just fine. Perfect. I liked how there were creeks to wash the mud off. Just perfect. I'll put my name in again for next year and hope that the conditions are similar.

  7. Russ - Yeah, this race is stacked with talent! It's one of the things that makes it so fun to watch. The perfect weather didn't hurt either.

    Rick - Hey, nice job out there! You were all smiles coming through the aid station, which is pretty fun to see. Glad you enjoyed the course - mud and creek-crossings and all! Spectating did sort of make me want to come back to this one as a competitor.

  8. I thought I saw you at the last aid station. I was a little"tired"-to be truthful I was "wasted". Those last four miles were tough. The reason for my funny face in your pic-was that some dude just sprinted around me and somedbody told me to "catch him"- I remember asking him if I can borrow his legs. I had a great time at Cool-I really enjoyed seeing everybody and meeting new people. Looking forward to running TRT with you this year-see you soon.

  9. Hey really enjoyed your blog - some great pictures here and great weather

  10. Joe - that's funny! I knew you weren't really giving anyone a hard time, but I love the story behind your expression. That look definitely says "Um, are you crazy?" :) Anyway, nice job out there! Yeah, I'm psyched you will be at TRT. Hope to get to share a few miles on the trail with you!

    Jim - Thanks!