Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thy Eternal Summer

With this weekend's heavy rain, it finally feels like summer may be coming to an end. It's been a warm fall in the mountains, providing a perfect venue for long weekend runs in the high-country. This Saturday's run on the PCT however was graced with a severe burst of winter.

Jamie makes her way from the Sierra crest, down the Granite Chief Trail, towards Squaw Valley.

Although I know it's not quite the last hurrah for high-country running, it seems like a pleasant time to look back upon the last several months. Most of these photos are from non-running days, ones that were just as much a part of my favorite season as the long trail runs. The summer may be fading, but the memories will keep me smiling until long after the snow melts.

An empty beach at Pt. Reyes

With Jamie at Pucker Point, Memorial Day Weekend training run.

An aptly named Mist Trail

Wedding on Donner Summit

Unhappy feet at the end of 100 miles. Oddly, I have yet to lace-up those Salomons since that day. Still, a small price to pay for an awesome race.

Moonrise from the summit of Lembert Dome, Tuolumne Meadows.

Running with the dogs, Lamoile Canyon, Ruby Mountains, Nevada.

Cap wants up front on the road trip. I swear this is not how we pack our dogs for a trip - they had plenty of space in back. Cap just had to worm his way up to us!

With Joel, controlling the awesomest ever wave machine, Minnesota Museum of Science. This is one of the coolest places I've ever been, and a must-stop whenever we visit the twin cities.

You can adjust the height and angle of the sea floor in five different places, plus wave strength and wave frequency. It's no wonder I'm fighting an 11-year-old boy for the controls.

Gus provides endless entertainment by repeatedly launching off the dock into a Minnesota lake.

Evening paddle on Lake Pokegama, Grand Rapids, MN

Another wedding, another tux.

Swimming in Donner Lake. This could be any one of several dozen afternoons spent swimming from the docks - an activity that, to me, sums up summer in Truckee.


  1. That snow sure looks pretty but I am not ready to think of skis and snow shoes yet. Hope you will get more summer pictures before it stays white till next year.

  2. Yep no surprises on the snow given all the rain at sea level!

    Awesome picture of Gus!

  3. Ewa - I have a feeling there will be a few more snow-free days on the trails. I am hoping so, anyway!

    Stuart - I suspect most of that snow has washed away by now since the storm got warm and it poured all day yesterday. We were sure glad it was snow while we were running though! And, yeah, isn't that a classic picture of Gus? I can't help but laugh with joy every single time he runs down the dock and launches off the end.

  4. Gretch, beautiful photos. I love the one of worming Cap, because this is so a Border Collie thing. I also love old Gus launching himself into the lake as if he isn't the older dog, slowing down. You and hubby are so pretty! And, lovelovelove you in Donner Lake! Thanks for the Monday prettiness and see you in a few weeks!

  5. What a great summer recap :) I'm digging the doggy pics! I can't believe there was snow already. I mean I can, but I can''s not even November! Winter is knocking on the door!

  6. Paige - I do love summer! That being said, I think I'm ready for a little winter hibernating. I fully enjoyed my stormy weekend.

    Meghan - Thanks! Those doggies are pretty fun, huh? Yippee - see you soon!!

  7. It's snowing on Mt. Hood and the passes so I guess summer is really over. From the pictures it looks like you have plenty of good memories to take you through the winter!

  8. Great summer adventure! You really had fun all throughout.. I like the dog's pic.. :)

  9. Sarah - Yep, we got more snow in the mountains yesterday, but Truckee, at least, still has some clear trails. It's that much more motivating to get out there and run them before they're gone for the season!

    ZB - Thanks! The dogs are clearly the hit of this post, right? :) They seem to epitomize that sense of summer play I guess.

  10. Great photo recap. I especially like the one with the dogs in the Ruby Mountains. Hard to let go of summer this year - for me at least. But the new classic skis I nabbed at the Sun Valley ski swap should help the transition to winter. Great post, as always.

  11. That's the summer to remember, but are the years past, right? I need to start printing photos again and making albums. I seem to rarely go and search the electronic files...

  12. Just love this. That last one at the lake.......heaven.

  13. Hank - Thanks so much. You always have awesome photos, so I really appreciate your compliment. XC skiing is the best winter cross training, but I always have such a hard time deciding - skate or classic? Such awesome dilemmas!

    Olga - I know exactly what you mean. In some ways, these blog posts serve as photo records, but I also like the option provided by uploading pictures to a website (like kodak gallery) and creating a photo album from the digital pics. So much easier than the old fashioned way!

    Pam - Thanks! Donner Lake swims are often heaven - washing away the stress of the day. Andrew and I always find a deep appreciation for where we live when we go for those summertime swims. That picture was taken by my nephew's girlfriend, who clearly has an artist's eye because she was using my crappy camera, but the pic still came out so cool.

  14. You invited me to run in THAT?? Sometimes it's like you don't even know me at all.

    Awesome summer pics, though. I have a nice memory of sitting in the lake after a long-ass run, when I was more beat up than a girl who ran twice as far. Hopefully next year we'll switch.

  15. Donald - Oh come on now, the run you were invited on was cancelled. I wouldn't have dreamed of dragging you up to the PCT in that weather.

    Okay, we can switch next year, except for the part about the 50-mile pacer feeling more beat up than the 100-mile runner. Me thinks you exaggerate.