Friday, March 25, 2011

Living and Training in Snow Country Part II

In spite of the official change of seasons, it is most definitely still winter up here in the Sierra. Although we spend plenty of time and energy on snow removal, there's something absolutely wonderful about being snowed in. The freeway is closed because of avalanche danger, so I can't get to work. The resort is closed because of avalanche danger, so Andrew doesn't have to go in to work. It's a stolen day off together with no serious responsibilities, and the world is white and clean and new.

The view out my kitchen window
Locals are comparing the snow totals to the el-nino year of 82-83, which is a legendary winter in these parts. This kind of snow pack means good things for the drought conditions, but I worry what it will mean for spring flooding in the valleys. 

A number of people have asked me for pictures of the snow, so that's the primary purpose of this post. All of these photos were taken of houses in my neighborhood. Enjoy my winter wonderland!

With Natalie and the dogs, digging out her parking space.

This is the front walkway to my friend Jenelle's house.

You'd better know where you're going around here. This is about the last street sign that isn't buried.

I swear my friend Susie's house is in this picture. It's under that big pile of snow.

Our neighbors across the street have a beautiful house. Right now though, it pretty much looks like everyone else's: white.

This is our house as seen from the neighbor's driveway.

This is the front entrance to our new mud-room. This is on the second story, by the way. That snow piled up on the side extends another 10 feet below this picture.

Believe it or not, I'm still getting in some good running. I'll be bailing on the snow this weekend though, assuming the interstate reopens. Sometimes training in snow country means getting out of it.       


  1. OMG. OMG. OMG. These pics are superreeeeediculous. You probably have the biggest guns right now from all that shoveling!

  2. Well, all that ridiculous snow meant that I couldn't get together with my friend Gretchen. It also meant I had to circumnavigate the Sierras in my stylin' Kia Rio rental car! Go Little Rio! But I wasn't taking that thing near your snowy mountain place - I'm a S-M-A-R-T Mountain Girl!! Rain-check for another visit - Pullleasee! I did however, think of you as I pranced along the trails of the American River jumping through puddles and removing orange-bellied Newts off the trail. How amazing is that - that such another world exists 40 minutes from your house!!

    Raincheck, Mmmm-kay?

  3. Gaw-geous!!!! From me in 25-degree damp, green Connecticut to you in that winter wonderland. Just beautiful.....All that snow is perfectly sublime. There is just no other word!

  4. Meghan - Oh yeah, baby, don't forget your tickets to the GUN SHOW! *flexes biceps* ;)

    Leslie - I know, I am so bummed you guys got trapped on the other side of the pass! :( Some Keith and Leslie hang time would have been perfect. But, absolutely raincheck. I mean, uh, snowcheck. Please come back, I swear it's not always like this!!!

    Pam - Isn't it beautiful? Crazy beautiful. The most insane powder skiing you can imagine!

  5. This is so AWESOME! OK, may be not so when it's every day and cuts your ability to get out (and I don't think it's every day, is it?), but this is so awesome!!!

  6. Epic. With the weather we've been having down in Reno, I imagined it was crazy up there - but that's way more than I would have guessed. Wow.

  7. Olga - Awesome, yup! It's not every day, no, but when it's even 4 or 5 days in a row, then a couple days of a break, then another 4 or 5 days ... it starts to feel like every day. It's been an EPIC March. We'll be skiing until the 4th of July.

    Turi - Yeah, one of my coworkers the other day asked me if we still had snow on the ground in Truckee. I just started laughing. But really, how could he have known. It's like a different world down there. Hooray for the rain shadow!

  8. Holy schnikes! That is unbelievable!!

  9. Hey Gretchen.

    Considering my commute is between Nevada City and Reno, I've had plenty of experience with all of "your" snow and I'm sick of it!. So far my longest time to get home was 10 hours.

    Heard you were setting the pavement on fire yesterday along the American River. Great job! See you at AR50.

  10. Paige - Believe it!

    Cathering - Ooh, yeah that drive is a beast in the weather. My sympathies.

    Where do you get these rumors about fiery pavement? I'm blushing. You must reveal your source! ;) Glad to hear you'll be at AR!

  11. Astounding. Even on a banner year in Hailey, we never even come close to that. Portends a snowy Western. Good luck at AR.

  12. Hank - I do have thoughts rattling around in the back of my mind about how this will affect WS. The truth is though, a warm, dry spring could take care of all if this. We'll just have to wait and see! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for NOT doing the snow route.