Monday, July 28, 2014

A Lap Around the Lake: 173 Miles on the Tahoe Rim Trail

It's hard to believe that I've lived in Truckee for 14 years as a runner, and I've still only been on about 70% of the Tahoe Rim Trail. What on Earth have I been doing?

Well, that's all about to change.

On Wednesday, I'll be starting a circumnavigation of the lake, running the entire Tahoe Rim Trail, with a small group of intrepid ultrarunners. Unlike so many people I know, we will NOT be doing this all in one push. (There's crazy, and then there's idiotic, right?)

Our relatively civilized schedule will still be quite a challenge for me. An injury after San Diego 100 left me with zero miles for 2 1/2 weeks, and with about 40 miles total for the following 2 1/2 weeks. The only thing giving me confidence now is the absence of injury, and a decent showing at last week's TRT 55K. That 33 miles left me mighty sore, which is worrisome, but feeling that I have enough fitness left to get around the lake in four days.

Considering how in doubt this adventure was for me three weeks ago, I am immensely excited to be setting out on the trail.

Here's our itinerary:

Day 1: (52 miles) Echo Summit to Tahoe City - This one's going to be a doozie. Both beautiful and challenging. Thank God we're doing it on fresh legs.

Day 2: (40.2 miles) Tahoe City to Tahoe Meadows - Easier terrain to start, which will be helpful for sore legs. Summit the high point of the trail, Relay Peak, near the end of the day.

Day 3: (41.6 miles) Tahoe Meadows to Kingsbury - Much of this trail covers the beautiful course of the TRT Endurance Runs. Excellent views, a decent amount of runnable terrain.

Day 4: (38.5 miles) Kingsbury to Echo Summit - This is the section I haven't run before. Hopefully I am not too exhausted to enjoy it!

As one of my running companions, Chris, said, we'll be enjoying hotels and IPA's each night. Honestly, I anticipate being too tired to enjoy much at night but the shower and a decent night's sleep, but I have no complaints about that.

I am so grateful for my friends who did all of the planning (Honestly, I just saw a random Facebook post, and jumped onboard their trip.), and for their friends and family who are doing the crewing. This is sure to be an ass-kicking adventure, and those are just the kind I like.


  1. awesome!! I really want to do the same thing... with the hotels and IPA's!! would you mind sharing more of you logistics and hotels you'll be using along the way?

    thanks and good luck!

  2. This looks like the way to do it - with hotels and IPAs! (And car shuttles, I'd imagine, so you don't have to lug too much on your back?) Have a blast!

  3. Awesome! Bring your camera. ;-)

  4. I am sure you'll have a memorable time on the trail, Gretchen. Enjoy!
    Still remember running up Relay Peak with you in the summer of 2008. Good times!