Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cool, AR, Miwok, States

Well, there it is. My 2011 race schedule.

Rather than write a whole, lengthy post, pontificating on my thought process and goals regarding each race, I thought I'd just summarize my impending season in the post title. I've spared you. (Mostly.)

I'm calling this
The Season of Humility. Or possibly Running with the Fast Girls. Or maybe just Getting my Ass Kicked. I haven't decided yet. Regardless, it's sure to be a damn good time. I like racing.

After toning down the racing last year, largely for financial reasons, I'm cranking it back up again this year, and I'm pretty excited about it. While the title races will be the backbone of my season, comprising the races where I'll push myself, there will also be a few more short races sprinkled in there for fun. Western States, of course, is the goal race, and the only one that will get a real taper.

I don't have anything on the schedule after June, but I plan to take advantage of my fitness by spending some long days in the wilderness with friends throughout the Summer and Fall. And no matter what happens in my races, that will be the best prize I earn.

Mike runs through Desolation Wilderness, October 2010

What races and adventures are on your schedule this year? Will I get to see you out on the trail?


  1. What a great schedule! All the classics.

    I may hang out at Miwok.

    (My schedule is not finalized yet).

  2. Very sweet schedule. How about if we plan to meet somewhere at Western States? And maybe a few weeks later in Nevada? Oh - and Miwok! This could be fun! Unless we start to drive each other crazy, of course - then it's a disaster in the making. Let's think positive, agreed?

    Your 2011 is going to rock - I can tell already.

  3. Wow. Hopefully I get to see you at some of your "shorter" events.

    Now you just need to update your sidebar calendar. :)

  4. Dave - Definitely the classics. I'm particularly excited for Miwok and States since I've never run either. Hope to see you at Miwok!

    Donald - Sounds like a plan. Pretty sure you won't drive me crazy, but I make no promises about the reverse. Looking forward to all of it!

    Turi - I've already got Prison Hill down, so I hope to see you there. Likely a few others as well. Sidebar update coming ... uh, yeah, eventually. ;)

  5. You're running with the varsity team this year, for sure. Should be another fun year to follow your writing.

    For what it's worth, I'm maybe happier than most that you "like to race." Your example is a huge reason I am trying to (gradually) blend it into my running life.

  6. Yippee, that is a GREAT schedule!! I'd love to do AR in the future. I'm looking forward to reading about your progress; you are going to do so well and have even more fun through it all. Go you!

    So far, I only have a bunch of fat ass races, Red Hot 55k and Ice Age 50k nailed down. Still pondering which hundred to attack, and what else to do. We'll see!

  7. My word verification is "preassess" which seems fitting!

    Your schedule looks a little like a wish list for me. This year, I'm planning to duct tape my body together for one last hurrah, the locally infamous Superior 100. I've been contacting people, trying to get them to assist me in the craziness and it comes out like the Blues Brothers: "We're puttin' the band back together! We're on a mission from God!"

    I think you'll be keeping up with the fast girls.

  8. Classic did describe it best. Or get your buty kicked. And the rest of the names you mentioned:) Fun for sure!

  9. You have the full NoCal Classic schedule! Great stuff. You're going to crush this year, I can tell.

  10. Stacy - Awww, I'm totally flattered. You should be careful, using me as an example for anything though.

    Paige - Thanks. Red Hot sounds awesome. Have fun! And let me know if you have questions about potential 100's. I'm hardly an expert, but I love to talk about it. :)

    Steve - Oh, I REALLY want to do Superior one day! So I guess your schedule is a wish list for me. I do love that area. I know I will get up there some day. Can't wait to read about your training and race!

    Olga - Yup, I will get my butt kicked. And that can be a whole lot of fun! :)

    Scott - Thanks. Depends on your definition of "crush" I suppose, but I'll do my best. ;)

  11. It's like a Greatest Hits Album Race Schedule. Can't wait to follow your journey!!

  12. That's a great line-up! Looking forward to following your training and racing!

  13. You need to challenge yourself more in 2011. Ya know - set some goals.

    That being said: Holy. Hell. You are gonna kick some azzzzzzz!

  14. 'nuff said!

    Ready, aim...

  15. Hey Gretchen, after we kicked butt (mainly our own) yesterday, I think that you're season is going to be spectacular!! Plus, we have the summer-fall to run in Desolation, the best reward of all :)Thanks so much for running with me yesterday, that made the whole event soooooo much for fun!