Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter vs. TRT

Last week I realized I have a major conflict with my upcoming Tahoe Rim Trail 50 miler this Saturday. I mean seriously major. It’s not just that the final Harry Potter book will be sitting there waiting in my mailbox, unread, while I mindlessly find my way over 50 miles of trail at 8000 feet. It’s not just the fact that I will have to wait until at least Saturday night to begin discovering Harry’s fate: Will Voldemort kill him? Will Harry triumph? Will Dumbledore’s death be avenged? Will Dumbledore “pull a Galdalf” and manage to return to the plot? Will someone please (Hermione, a little help here!) kick Snape’s smug evil ass?? Will Draco turn to the good side? Will Harry and Ginny get back together? Will Hermione and Ron finally cut the act and smooch already? Oh God, I can’t stand it!!

The real problem is that I pre-ordered my book on Amazon. I paid extra for guaranteed Saturday delivery. (Tomorrow!) Living in a small town, I do not get mail delivered to my house. I think this is because the mail carrier does not want to drive down the crazy steep hill with the curve at the bottom in the icy winter conditions. Understandable, but doesn’t the postal system have some motto like “neither rain nor sleet nor snow shall keep us from delivering your mail?” Seriously, I need Harry! So the book will be put in my PO Box, except there isn’t enough room, so I will get a slip of paper that says I have a package and will have to go to the desk to get it, meaning the post office must be open. I will be running during the entire duration of Saturday’s postal hours. Ack! I cannot wait until Monday. What’s a girl to do?

My current plan entails sending Andrew to the post office instead of my race. Plan B is to stay up until midnight tonight and go to the book store downtown to buy another copy. Unfortunately that means I would stay up all night reading it and get no sleep the night before my race. I am having a serious dilemma here! Advice anyone? I know, next time just support the local bookstore and buy it there (duh).

I also went to see The Order of the Phoenix on Monday. Enjoyable, but the movies just can’t compare to the books. I will say that I loved the actress who played Luna Lovegood, she stole the show! I also think they picked a good Umbridge, talk about someone you love to hate! Incidentally, I just saw “The Freedom Writers” with Hillary Swank, and that same actress that played Umbridge played another bitchy teacher. She’s good at it.

So, don’t expect my TRT race report anytime soon, as I’ll be locked in my room reading…assuming I can get my hands on the book!


  1. Well, I completely understand your dilemma! I am re reading book number 6 as we speak to prepare for the big 7 tomorrow. I have had a word with the baby to be, and have told him/her that Sunday may be a good day to come, as I will hopefully have spent all of Saturday reading 7 and will be good to go. It would be a bad time to interrupt me.

    If I were you, I wouldn't do the 50 mile run! It sounds like a terrible idea anyway. But, if you HAVE to, have Andy get you the book tonight, and that way you'll be able to read as soon as you're done.

    Again, though, I vote that you give up the race and concentrate on important things like Harry and the others. Good luck!

  2. I'm having the same issue! I second the idea to send Andrew tonight. I'm having my mom pick me up a copy in the morning so that I can have it after the race.

    Poor planning on the race director's part, though, to schedule our race on the same day as Harry!

    See you in a few hours at either the bib pick up or scotts!

  3. Send Andrew to the store tomorrow during the middle of the race so that you'll have it afterwards. There's no way either of you can stay awake until midnight!

    I learned not to order HP from Amazon about 3 books ago, when they left it on my apt doorstep and someone STOLE IT and then I couldn't get another one for 3 days b/c the stores were all sold out. Torture!


  4. Could you have someone rig a super light-weight harness so you can read the book WHILE you're running?


  5. My dilemma is that I have a birthday party tomorrow at 10:30 a.m., a dinner party at 6 p.m. and then another birthday party on Sunday. How am I supposed to jam through the book with all this stuff?

    Send Andrew to the post office. He's seen you run and you know how to get through a run without moral support in the form of family. You can do it. Harry will be your moral support. Knowing that Andrew has your book waiting for you at home may give you your best time ever.

    How funny would it be if the arrival of Book 7 on Adriana's doorstep sent her into labor? On second thought, I don't want the news of Baby Wendland's arrival cutting into my reading. Sorry A! teeheehee!

  6. It's 3 AM and you'll be getting up soon for your big race. I'm on page 137 and I guess I'd better go to bed...we'll both finish by Sunday :( Good luck on the race today!


  7. my turn to ask you what you asked scott. I know HP is the excuse, but can we at least find out how you did? I heard from reliable sources that you were doing awesome out there :D. Can't wait for the report!

    (Spent all of yesterday reading and finished HP. So sad its over!)

  8. In the end I had to buy a Harry Potter book from the bookstore on Sunday. (Don't tell Andrew!) Now I own two. Finished reading this morning at 1am.
    Soooo...a real race report will come soon, but the quick recap is it went great, I felt great all day. I had been shooting for about 12 hours and ran 11:05.

  9. Wow...awesome job. What a time!!! It was definitely a good day to exceed expectations :) Glad you had such a good race!