Friday, July 17, 2009

The TRT Endurance Runs: A Quick Preview

Tomorrow marks my fourth year running at the Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Runs. More than any other Tahoe race, I consider this to be my home-town event.

The incredible scenery, technical trails, well-run event, awesome volunteers and friendly runners keep me coming back to this event. Back in 2003 I ran the 50K as my first ultra, and last year this race became my first 100 miler. Perhaps it's simply because I've run it more than any other ultra, but I feel a pleasant mix of excitement and nostalgia as race day approaches.

I just finished a pre-race dinner with Sarah and Camille who are both running the 50K. Camille is running this as her first race ever, at any distance. How cool is that? Turi will also be there, running this as his first 50 miler, along with a host of other familiar faces.

The weather decided to heat up for us, but I don't feel overly concerned about it. It never gets too hot up on the ridge at 8000'. They're also calling for thunderstorms, which could provide a nice cool-down, but it does cause some concern for the volunteers. I wouldn't want to be sitting at the top of Snow Valley Peak under a tent with a metal frame when a thunder storm rolled through! (So, be smart out there everyone!)

Check out yesterday's article in the Sierra Sun for more pre-race info. I feel like I've sort of become the spokesperson in my local community for this race because I always get quoted in the articles, but I guess it makes sense. If I haven't yet sold you on this race, here or in the article, then check back in a few days for my race report. I plan on making it more of an "Insider's Guide to the TRT Endurance Runs" than a standard race report. We'll see how that goes.

With that, I'm off to finish packing gels and foot powder. Looking forward to 50 miles in the morning. Good luck to all the runners!


  1. Great article. Good luck, looking forward to race report.

  2. I hope it went well. I stopped by Friday afternoon but spent Saturday with friends swimming the TransTahoe Relay in a sailboat. Thought of you guys on the trail. My friend Samantha ran the 50k as well. She came back to the house rental pretty beat but happy.

  3. Hope fun was had!
    Feel like a spontaneous road trip? We are doing the ultimate Banff running tour next Monday through Friday! 5 days of the bestest trails all in a point-to-point complete with BBQ's and couch surfing. How could you resist?


  4. Awesome. Beautiful. I'm penciling this one in for an upcoming year.

  5. Gretchen goes sub-10 hours for 6th place overall (2nd woman)!


    Congratulations. Looking forward to hearing about it.