Sunday, May 02, 2010


There are infinite reasons for being a runner. I would never say that indulging oneself is at the top of that list.


Indulgences are sinful acts, and running long distances certainly helps neutralize some of the guilt they would otherwise induce.

For instance, I am, at this very moment, indulging in a glass of red wine. After 38 miles of trail-running awesomeness today, it feels more earned than excessive.

I love red wine. I also love running.

Here are some other things that I love. Things that being a runner allows me to love even more because I can indulge guilt-free.

Banana-Stuffed Wontons from the Dragonfly in Truckee. They have amazing sushi, and desserts to match. They also have brilliant local's specials.

Sorry, the picture was taken after we'd already begun eating, (We couldn't wait!), but the plate consists of banana stuffed wontons, coconut ice cream, and chocolate for dipping. Can you say "yum!"?

Post-scarfing. It's all I can do to refrain from picking up the little thing of chocolate syrup and drinking it.

Belt-Room Bloody. This is a brilliant spring-skiing treat. I don't even like Bloody Mary's, but one of these from the bar at Sugar Bowl will make you an amazing skier. Two will put an end to your ski day. (But you won't mind.)

Starbucks Strawberries 'n Cream. Say what you want to about Starbucks, but they have excellent coffee, and these sweet babies have become my favorite recovery drink on a hot day. Gu Brew? Forget it! I'll take artificially-flavored strawberry syrup, milk and ice, blended together and topped with whipped cream, thank you very much.

The list could go on. (And on, and on, and on ...)

What about you? What's your favorite indulgence that's made even sweeter by the guilt-eraser of long distance running?


  1. TT - Yes!! I LOVE second breakfast!

  2. Trader Joe's dark chocolate! I have a square or two after dinner every night. Hey! It has antioxidants, right? So it's good for me! ;)

  3. I am so glad I did not know about Dragonfly when we were doing skiing this and last year in Tahoe. Every week we passed through Truckee in blissful ignorance of this sinful place. See, I don't think downhill skiing burns enough calories to justify stopping at a place like that.
    Next year I will add x-country skiing to our adventures and maybe then... :)

  4. Amber - Actually, if you're only eating a square or two, that actually is good for you. It certainly doesn't count as an indulgence, anyway. Pffftt! You can do better than that!

    Ewa - Ooh, I find downhill skiing to be a pretty decent workout myself. Plus, sushi is actually good for you as long as you don't eat too much tempura. But XC skiing is pretty fun too!

    MSH - Right. On.

  5. Michael Shane Helton is an evil genius. Of course, beer! Is there anything else. Although I do indulge, especially post-race, there was a university study in 08 or 09 that said one beer after a run hydrates you better than water. Heeeell yeah.

  6. I think I've mentioned my chocolate chip cookie addiction once or twice ... since I'm eating them anyway, I may as well run a few of them off every now and then.

  7. A big ass buritto with chips and guacamole from Chipotle, Qdoba or any other equally chain-tastic place on the way home from a long trail run in the 'burbs. YUM! I have also been known to enjoy a Mrs. Fields ice cream cookie from time to time after hot long runs. Those things are just wrong. In a really right way.

  8. Hot Damn, I've wanted to come to Truckee already, but now I'm a comin' just to visit the Dragonfly!

    I'm a food motivated kind of girl. I'm also a simple creature who enjoys partaking in the things I seldom have in the house. (only because if I did, I would eat them for breakfast.) On the top of my list is Chips and Chocolate! And any combination of egg, bacon and cheese. Salty meats of all varieties - hello Prosciutto and Salami and Sushi and Ice Cream and...and...and....some Cheese.

  9. Chris - Good to know about both MSH and the hydrating benefits of beer!

    Donald - A classic indulgence choice! I'm pretty sure you're running off more than just a few of them.

    Paige - Okay, you're making me hungry! Yeah, totally wrong. Uh ... right!

    Leslie - Come to the Dragonfly!! And cheese ... mmmm.

  10. My favorite post-marathon treat is the same Starbucks frappacino you mention, only venti-sized for extra guiltless pleasure.

  11. I'm so boring these days. No wheat and no dairy in my diet makes a happy tummy, but cuts out most of the good stuff. Avacados are becoming an indulgence. Pamela's gluten free cookies. Tea with lots of honey?

  12. Anne - Oh yeah, sometimes I go Venti. Only if I think I really earned it. :)

    Pam - Yeah, pretty sure none of those counts as an indulgence. :) That's okay though, happy tummies are important! You certainly have more discipline than I do.

  13. Tell me about it.

    You should see the weekly collection of micro-brew bottles I have to tote to the curb for recycling.

    It looks like Charles Bukowski and Hunter S Thompson's vacation home.

  14. We need to find Pam some indulgences, stat!! Think boozy, fatty, salty goodness....