Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring Tease

Some people say that in springtime, Mother Nature is a fickle friend. Sunshine one day, snow the next. Her manic-depressive tendencies drive some people nuts. Is it ski season, or should we be going mountain biking? The answer to both of those, of course, is "yes."

I love spring for these reasons. Whatever your pleasure, it's there: backcountry skiing, trail running, mountain biking, boating.

Nothing brings appreciation of the outdoors like a change in seasons. You need the "bad" days in order to truly feel the love on the good ones.

For instance, after a beautiful, sunshiny weekend on the coast last week, Monday afternoon elicited this view from my kitchen window:

While four days later, on Friday morning's dog walk, I found this in my yard:

Beautiful little grape hyacinths poking up through the pine needles.

Mother nature isn't fickle. She's just a tease. And when she brings that summer sunshine to stay, it will be good. So good.

Author's note: I'd also like to take this moment to give a huge shout out of congratulations to my friend and training partner Jamie Frink for winning the Bishop High Sierra 100K with a new women's course record of 13:02. This is especially impressive given the course conditions which reportedly had several miles of snow. Awesome job, Jamie!!


  1. Sweating and slogging up to Poeville Lake in the Silver State 50/50 yesterday, I said to a fellow runner "didn't it snow last week?" And it's supposed to again tomorrow. Yay spring in the Sierras!

  2. One thing I miss in SF Bay Area is a true change of seasons. But then again I appreciate being able to stroll along the shore in January without a jacket.

  3. A tease is right! But I must say that I have been enjoying more sunny days than cold ones! :)

  4. Pam - Umm, lucky? I like your perspective! It is certainly good for the snowpack and the potential for having a drought-free (and fire-free) summer.

    Turi - I had prety much the exact same conversation with a few runners Saturday. :)

    Ewa - I always think of it as cold in SF, but I think it's just that coastal humidity that gets me. When it's sunny there though, it's SO beautiful!

    Amber - See! That's because the cold ones make us appreciate the warm ones. Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers for rain today instead of snow. We'll see ...

  5. Mother Nature has been playing games with us here in Oregon too.