Thursday, December 09, 2010

Just in Case You Already Committed to Crewing for me at Western States

This video speaks for itself.

And since I'm on the running-writing-comparisons theme, here's one for you incase you were considering trying to write and publish a book:


  1. OK, those are creepy.

    But seriously, is there a term for the ultra-runner version of bride-zilla? That's what the guy from the top one sounds like. Can't imagine you being anything like that...

  2. Tuir - Yeah, you don't think these videos were too discouraging, do you? ;) Hmm, I think we need to coin that term, because I've definitely heard stories about a few ultra-runner bride-zillas. (None about me though. No way. I'm sure not.) Ultra-zilla? Whine-osaur? Those kind of suck ... help me out here.

  3. 1) You can buy just green M&M's.
    2) Learning how to write from Stephen King? I never make it through page 1 of any of his, as they usually have something like "CRR-EEEE-EAKKK!" somewhere on that first page.
    3) Try publishing poetry, especially if you're not a lesbian from Haiti who's also a Guggenheim fellow and famous for her talk show appearances that have nothing to do with writing.
    4) Those same guys did a video about douchebags doing "Primal Workouts" that's hysterical.

  4. Steve - You can buy a bag of JUST green M&M's???? Good to know.

  5. Ok, now every time I see the bags of Christmas M&Ms I think of that video...

    Godzilla fought Megalon once. Maybe Ultra-lon? Nope, not so good...

  6. I think those who whine incessantly in ultras are called "Steve," though so far I haven't heard anyone say, "Stop being such a Steve."

    Coolest M&M's are the ones you can get personalized with photos.

  7. Here is the Ironman version of this video.