Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm a Rock Star!

Summertime bliss continues to dominate life here in the mountains. Although as usual, I don't feel like I have enough time, who can really complain about so much hiking, lake swimming and time with friends? Responsibility has taken a back seat this week, which actually makes my guilt-alarms blare with regular frequency. I'm trying to drown them out with loud music.

Andrew and I are headed out of town this weekend for two weeks back in Minnesota to see family and friends. Before we load up the Subaru with climbing gear and dogs, I'm hoping to squeeze in two more posts: one about the gear I used for TRT, and one about the incredible backpacking trip I just did in Yosemite. I'm crossing my fingers that I find time to get those up, and then after that it could get pretty quiet around here for a while.

In the meantime, I have to share the following picture. I ran across it yesterday on Facebook and hooted for joy (and utter amusement) when I saw it.

Jenny and Donald give me the pit-crew pedicure while I live it up.

Remember in my race report when I compared my crew to Nikki Kimball's? I arrived at Tunnel Creek at mile 61 with some decent blisters on both pinky toes. I also wasn't feeling so hot, and I'll confess, I knew good and well that it was going to be a sufferfest to the end. I started to worry a little less about my time, and mustered some stalwart determination to enjoy myself. I decided it would be worth the time to stop and have the blisters dealt with, and if it's not clear from the photo, I was thoroughly enjoying myself.

In many ways this picture sums up my race experience. It could be said that things weren't going perfectly for me. However, I was in an amazing setting, doing something I loved, and surrounded by a fun and dedicated crew who gave me unquestioning support (and dealt with some seriously gross feet). I felt like a complete rockstar, and I ate it up.

Of the (at least) four people who helped me with the feet issues, only Donald was officially part of my crew. But I felt like they were all there just for me. That Tunnel Creek gang - they're pretty awesome.

Tunnel Creek wasn't the only place I experienced the rockstar treatment either. At every aid station there were volunteers and friends doing things for me and telling me how awesome I was doing and how great I looked. Even though I was pretty certain they were all lying to me, I loved it, and it made me feel great.

I have to thank Andy especially for draining the blisters, and taking that picture. You may notice that not only was I stuffing my face while all this was going on, but I was also jabbering away non-stop about how I felt like I was getting a pedicure at a fancy spa. One of the things I'd asked for was a picture of the moment, but everyone was too busy cleaning my feet. Or so I thought!

Looking at that picture makes me smile and laugh. It also makes me feel so lucky to have had the support of amazing folks like Donald, Jenny, Andy and JoAnn. Thanks, guys!

Tunnel Creek at mile 67: Jenny, JoAnn, me, and Olga, still having fun!


  1. That is so freaking awesome and what an amazing mindset to have while doing a 100 and coming in 3rd place and not feeling 100% for most of the run! Great race report and great follow up post, thanks again!

    Its especially cool to follow blogs/reports of people that actually know how to write and express themsleves and you definately have that talent/skill, so keep the posts coming and have fun in Minnesota.

  2. You sure ARE! And those folks at the AS's are even more so! I mean, I think I am into ultrarunning just because I want to be pampered:) Can you say "needy"??

  3. You were a rock star well before your appointment at Tunnel Creek Spa! Enjoy the road trip!

  4. Eh ... it was nothing, really. That was perhaps the one moment when you weren't completely in control, so it was a pleasure to step in and actually feel useful for once. I kept telling everyone you were a very low-maintenance runner, and I meant it!

    And how on Earth could you title and publish this post without quoting the Smashmouth song??

  5. Dude - Very, very kind of you. Thanks! I'll try to keep the posts coming.

    Olga - I love it - totally into ultra running for the pampering aspect! Ironic, but too true. Maybe we're all needy? Not such a bad thing to run around all day and hear "you look awesome!" :)

    Stac - Thanks. I guess it's not about actually being a rock star, as surrounding yourself with people who make you feel that way.

    Donald - Totally not nothing, but thanks for calling me low maintenance. Good point about the song, but you know, this isn't Running and Rambling. We're not that hip in these parts. ;)